Friday, May 04, 2012

Goodbye Sister Blodgett

My sister Kaley left for her 18 month mission to Spain last night.  This is the 5th missionary in our family to go, but it never gets easier to say goodbye.  She'll be gone for 18 month with only little communication with family (she can write letters and email once a week, and call home on Christmas and Mother's Day).  We did the traditional run after the car as she drives away.  Logan and Macey burst into tears as her car went around the corner!  We will miss her so much!  I know she is going to have a great adventure and share the news of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with so many who are looking for the truth.  I know she'll grow and have experiences that will help her in her life.  She'll be a better person because of serving a mission.  But it's still hard.  I will worry about her safety and I know she'll be homesick at times.  It will be probably the hardest thing she's ever done, but so rewarding.  

She will be in the Missionary Training Center in Utah for 3 weeks where she will begin to learn Spanish.  Then she will go to the MTC in Madrid for 6 weeks where I'm sure she'll learn the language for real, plus the culture and the people. Then she'll be in Madrid working every day to bring people to Christ.  I'm so proud of her!

If you see the mormon missionaries in your neighborhood, think of Kaley, and be kind to them!  They are far from home and need some love.

We love you Aunt Kays!


Lauren in GA said...

Denae, I totally got teary when I read this. Especially the part about Logan and Macey bursting into tears.

I loved my mission so much. It was so wonderful and so hard. I learned so, so much.

I love the picture where you have your eyes closed, hugging her.

ashli said...

Such cute pics! Missioins have a way of making not only the missionary stronger, but those that love them the most!
good luck and god speed to Sister sister:)

Lillie said...

Did your baby weight just wash off in the shower right after you had him? I don't remember you being anything in between pregnant and TEENSIE! I am so jealous. You are so darling.

Debbie said...

Denae, thanks for this sweet post. We are in Oregon because Robert's Mom passed away. I woke up this morning and saw your blog and realized, although death is so sad , it also is a wonderful time to reflect and be with family. I loved your pictures and it helped us decide some things for her funeral tomorrow that we were unsure about. I love your family.


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