Monday, July 14, 2014

Shasta on the 4th

For the 4th of July weekend we went up to Shasta with my parents.  This time we stayed on the river at a large ranch called Coram Ranch--- we wanted to check it out to see if it would be a good spot for a family reunion I'm planning for next summer.  It was a pretty spot, nice pool, next to the river and very close to the Dam, theres a 17 mile bike trail running nearby that will take you all the way into Redding.  There's also a large game room and the staff was really nice.  I think it's going to be a good spot for our reunion.  We had a really fun weekend!

Our view...

We biked into Redding and saw the Sundial bridge.

My kids are such troopers- they bike and hike and rarely complain- I think they're tough!

We played a lot in the pool and especially had fun with my moms lifeproof cell case... underwater photos.  Mack's scares me but he's really good at holding his breath!

Rafting was probably my favorite thing... our rafts were too small for our group but that just made it extra cozy! The float took maybe a little over an hour and it was beautiful and peaceful out there.  The best part was probably that Mack was so wiped out and fell asleep on me- I got to just sit there and snuggle him.

The worst part of the trip was when my Dad and Dave went into town on Friday night... the Dam closes at 10 and I realized at 9 that I needed milk for the next days breakfast.  So they headed out knowing they had to hurry to get back across the Dam by 10.  Well, when they pulled up to the grocery store they saw that our van had a really low tire!  Dave got out the bike pump and tried to pump it up a bit but then they heard the rushing of air and knew it was going flat.  So with minutes to spare they got the spare on and raced back across the Dam... they literally walked in the door at 10:10 having just made it.  It would have been the worst if they hadn't made it because we had no cell service and they couldn't have called to tell us why they were gone all night!

Anyway, we spent the last morning hanging out in costco in Redding getting new tires.... I have to admit though if you're stranded somewhere Costco is kindof the best place to be... samples, couches, cheap food and lots of books to read and tv's to watch.  The kids kindof loved it.

We didn't do any 4th celebrating-- no fireworks or red, white and blue which I did miss and will make sure to do next year but overall it was a great little weekend trip!

Monday, July 07, 2014


Logan had a really great birthday but the pictures are lacking.  He turned 12?!!!

Breakfast in bed- donuts was the request.

PRESENTS!  His favorite part...

I bought him two pairs of cool shoes so that he could pick one... well he wanted both and I told him he could keep both if he skipped a birthday party (we were going to invite some friends to Qzar).  Surprisingly... but not that surprisingly he chose the shoes over a party.  He does love shoes...

He wanted a slice of cheesecake factory cheesecake for his dessert and that's what he got.  He had to share a few bites though since I was cheap and didn't buy any for the rest of us!

Sunday night we had cake and ice cream at grandma and grandpas with the cousins... I don't have a picture of anyone but I do have a pic of his fun cake- he loves the Lego Movie.

Right before his birthday he and Dave performed together in his piano recital.  They played, "Here Comes the Sun" and did a great job!

Right after his birthday he received the priesthood at church.  He gets to join the young men's program and pass the sacrament.  A bunch of his uncles and Grandpa were there to stand in the circle as Dave ordained him- he has some good examples to look up.  I'm proud of him and the great kid he's turning out to be.  He's smart and fun and kind and talented and good.  I love you Logan!


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