Saturday, August 30, 2014

Russian River Camp Trip

We went to Casini Ranch to camp with some friends.  It was a pretty sweet set-up.  We were right next to the Russian River and for non-campers this campsite makes things pretty easy.  There's a store, games, activities for the kids, good bathrooms and lots to do.  We mostly played in the lake but also went to the beach one night, had a big bonfire, ate some pretty good food, did karaoke and relays, jumped off rocks etc.  The kids were in heaven.  I'm still not a big camper but camping with friends make it much more fun.

We ate foil dinner ones night.  Mine were fine but Monica's were amazing-- cheese burger, string beans, broccoli, french bread.  I definitely learned some good camping tricks going with her!

My kids just disappeared with their friends and were so happy the whole time.  We also took a couple of cousins with us which made it even better.

skipping rocks

sleeping..... everyone was pretty cozy!  Dave and I have our nice cots which make a world of difference!

pancakes and sausage for breakfast one morning.

I loved having a couple of big kids in the group to take care of the younger ones!  They entertained the toddlers most of the time- big kids really are the best!

All of our kids together....

The adults....

There were blackberry bushes near our campsite that the kids would pick and make smoothies with whip cream!

The bonfire was my fave because I was soooo warm.

It was a little cold because we were near the coast but honestly I'd rather be cold camping than hot!  Here Mack and I are warming up next to a dryer with hot chocolate. I love my little buddy that is always by my side!

Can't wait to go back!

A Little Trip to Utah!

UTAH!  My sister and her family just moved back to Utah from Tennessee and we were so excited so we drove out to see them!  The drive actually went by pretty fast and wasn't that bad.  We brought Penny and she did pretty good!  She was excited to meet her doggie cousins, India and Ike hahahaha.  We are dog people now I guess.

Anyway, right when we got there Logan and Lexi got to go with Kameron Skyler and Savanah to their ward's youth conference.  It was so much fun for them and I was thankful Angie worked it out so they could go!

While they were gone we went to visit Dave's cousin Jared and saw his cool office.  

We headed to provo to see BYU and re-live the glory days.  I had to get a mint brownie from the creamery.

We also stopped at Great Harvest to visit Kaley at work!  I was excited to eat everything but it was kindof a bummer because I had been having stomach issues (I think Gall Stones) so couldn't eat as much as I wanted to..... But Kaley makes a delish sandwhich and she even gave us two loaves of their delicious bread.  I love that place!

We did got to Swig and man those cookies are goooo-oood.

We hung out with Kaley that day around Provo

And spent the rest of the weekend with Angie and Pete and kids at their house.  We had a great time- so many laughs and so much catching up to do!  Ang and I talk on the phone but it's never long enough.  

We snuggled their new bunnies...
And went to "this is the place park" where we did pony rides, ate donuts, rode a train, saw Brigham Youngs house and other cool church/slc historical things.  I like stuff like that a lot.

We got to meet Kaley's boyfriend Jared and went to dinner and bowling.  It was a party!  Dave bowled a 203 that night which was his best score ever!  Go Dave!

We did a big cousin picture after church. I just love these Abilla kids and I love when my kids get to spend time with their cousins and remember how much they love their family!  It is such a blessing.  Lexi cried for a few hours on the way home.... and can't wait to see them again.  I think she would happily move their if we'd let her.  I'm so glad their family is closer now and we'll get to see them more often!

We love you Abilla's and Aunt Kaley!!  


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