Thursday, December 06, 2018

A Random Post After 4 Years

Does anyone really blog anymore?  There are a few blogs that I read every once in awhile but that's about it so I really know nothing about the blog world anymore... if there even is one?!

Today I've decided to post here after a few years off, in hopes that Blogger will see that I'm active and keep my blog around for just a little longer.  For some reason I keep thinking I'm going to lose it all before I've had a chance to print it out.  Today I ordered 3 blog books, and I'll probably have to order at least 6 more to be all caught up.  

I'm pretty much humiliated by 75% of the content here and that is what has kept me from printing it out.  However the other day Logan was sitting on the couch reading one of my two blog books (from 2005-2008 is all I have printed) and I realized that, as embarrassing as they may be, they are a record of our family life during those years and I should make sure they're preserved.  I guess.  The kids love them.  I'm super embarrassed by a lot of it.  But I was young and VERY open.  Oh well!!!

Here we are at the end of 2018.  Time sure does fly.  Lexi is in her senior year, Logan is a junior, Macey is in 8th grade, and Mack is in 2nd.  My kids like to be involved... too involved I think.  But it's also good so I'm constantly torn between hating the involvement in everything and realized it's good for them too.  Some of the things my kids are involved in are x-country, dance team, piano and guitar lessons, Madrigals, Lexi has a job at a local frozen yogurt shop, Basketball right now and swimming in the spring, sewing class, church responsibilities, assassin (maybe it's own post someday), and more.  Luckily Lexi and Logan both drive and have been pretty good at sharing the car so I am not running around that much anymore!  

Life is insanely busy but I really am aware of trying to enjoy every minute because I know these kids of mine will be gone so fast and I'll miss it all.  When I look back at motherhood I think the first 8 years crept by but since then, it has flown by! Next fall at this time, Lexi will be off at college.  And the fall after that, Logan will be.  Then I'll just have 2 kids at home.  I think I should probably get a job.  I don't want to work right now but I like to feel a sense of purpose so I might need to work.

We will see!

I thought I'd give more of an update but this is all I have time for.

Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 08, 2014

Alice in Wonderland

Macey recently performed in the Walnut Acres fall play of Alice in Wonderland.  She was the Queen of Hearts.  She really wanted to the part and I didn't know if she would get it--- there are a lot of girls that try out and she's small- I thought they'd want someone bigger and scarier.  Well, she got the part and she was thrilled.

The first night I saw her perform I couldn't help but laugh.  This part was made for Macey... or Macey was made for this part.  She spent most of her early years pretending to be Sharpay from High School Musical- and the queen is basically Sharpay- bossy, mean, loud, dramatic and controlling, with a glare that makes everyone around her shrink.  Macey had it all down and did a great job.  The part that suprised me was how loud she was and how confident and how well she sang.  If you can't tell... I was really proud of her.
Here are some shots:

Her grand entrance...

Off with their heads!  She must have said that line 15 times!

She had a lot of family and friends come to support her and that means so much to me as her mom!  Thank you friends and family!  I don't know what happened but I lost some of the pictures I took but I want to have it be known that my parents were there and Dustin and Moriah too.  When I find those missing pictures I will update this post.

This is our cute neighbor Kristin.

Macey's friend Clarabel.

Aunt Emily and cousin Parker

Uncle Devin and cousin Wyatt

Grandma Susie

Macey and her friend Guilia (who was Alice)

Macey and her cousin Miles.  When Miles saw her acting as the queen on stage he said very loudly, "why is Macey being so mean?"  It was super funny.

The best part about this whole thing was that cousin Conner and Macey got to do the play together.  That means week after week they stayed after school together, hung out, and walked home together.  They spent hours working on their lines and practicing the dance moves.  They became such great friends and I am so happy about it- what lucky cousins to have eachother and have so much fun together.  It makes me so happy.  Conner did an awesome job too!!  He has a great voice and blew me away.

Here's a video just for fun:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

3 obsessions

Lately I am obsessed with three things:

My new watch. It's hard for me to find watches that fit right and look right and feel good. So I rarely wear one. I finally found this and I'm obsessed. I look at it every other minute. It's super light weight and fits perfectly in the spot on my wrist where I want it to sit. Loooovvvveeeee. 

Vitality bowls. They're expensive and all the way downtown but they are so incredibly delish and make me feel healthy too. I want one everyday. But really I'm just going to start making them myself so I don't break the bank. It's basically an acai berry smoothie topped with granola, almonds, honey, fruit and other great things-- how hard can it be? Anyone have a recipe?

Scotcharoos. They are the devil. I have made 4 batches in the last 3 weeks and I'm devouring them without control. I just finished off my last pan today and I swore I wouldnt make them for a good long while.  The reason I love them is they're chewy, chocolately, a little crunchy and take less than 10 minutes to make. I only wish they made individually wrapped cups of peanut butter so I don't have to dig out of the jar!

That's all. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Out with the Old....

Sometimes I can be impulsive.  And I love to get rid of things/organize/de-junk.  But when I get in an impulsive de-junking mood I often do things I regret.  Well,  this summer I got rid of our beloved family piano. 
 Logan needed some motivation to practice. And he kept blaming this one key that was sticking and not playing as well.  So, in an effort to get him motivated again I decided to get a new piano.  Our neighbors had mentioned that they wanted to get rid of theirs so I went to look at it.  I was rushed and took a quick photo.  In the photo the lighting must have been just right because as I looked at it over the next few days I started to actually think it was cute!  It was smaller and small is good.  Plus it was newer and probably worked better.  So I listed our piano on facebook and my old Bwood neighbor wanted to come pick it up!  Perfect!!  

Except when I looked at our cute piano being loaded into the trailer and it hit me that all the kids had learned to play on it.  That it was one of our oldest pieces of furniture we'd had the longest.  That was a great decor peice!!!  And I started to freak out.  But a deal is a deal and our friends had rented a trailer and come all the way down for it.  I had to go through with it.  It was very sad.  Even more sad when we went across the street to get our "new" piano and saw how ugly it was.  

It's an orange-y wood color and the keys are yellowish.  It's small and won't fit my Christmas Tree collection on top at Christmastime like our old one.  Plus there's just nothing special about it and instead of enhancing the living room it actually makes it worse. 

So I cried for a few hours and then decided that I just had to move on.  Things are just things and don't matter.  I can paint our new piano and make it cuter.  And I have these pictures to remember our old one.  Everyone does stupid things sometimes but you can't wallow in it, you just need to look to the future!  Haha these are all the thoughts I was forcing into my brian at the time.  Now that it's been gone a few months I'm mostly over it.  I'll miss it at Christmas time and I'll always regret my decision but that's just life.

And that was a long post to tell a simple story.

So what color should I paint the new one?  Any suggestions?   

in our neighbors house

moving out the old...

the new ugly one in my house ... it needs some help... stay tuned...

Personal Progress Award

Lexi worked so hard this year to complete her personal progress and receive her young woman recognition award. She did 8 ten hour projects, lots of service, read the whole Book of Mormon and did a lot of other studying, learning and reading. She almost never asked me for help. I was even surprised when she told me in July that she was almost done!!! She's been working on it for a year and a half since entering young women's but really did a lot of work this summer. 

I'm really proud of her dedication, goal setting and hard work. She's a good example to me. And I have to say she has the absolute best young women leaders right now that have encouraged her, supported her, and motivated her!  I am thankful for them. Dave and I took her on a little date to Cheesecake factory and gave her a cute willow tree statue to put in her room and remind her of this great thing she has achieved and this summer when her faith grew so much.  I hope she continues to grow her faith.  She will now be working to earn her honor bee which involves 40 hours of service and reading the Book of Mormon again.  She got her medallion this past Sunday and both her grandmas were there to cheer her on.  In the photo below she is wearing the medallion and holding a special stool that she got to keep her scriptures on.  

We love you Lexi!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Today 9/6/14

Today was another busy Saturday. Our fall is always busy and sometimes I hate it but then I remember I only have myself to blame!

I went running with my running group this morning. Four miles and it felt good. 

Then we had two soccer games. I'm over soccer. Too bad my kids aren't. Luckily I have ms. entertainment with me at the games. Macey entertains Mack a lot! She's a great big sister. 

Then Dave and Lexi and Logan headed off to the youth beach trip. Dave just got called as scout master soooo yeah he'll be going to all the youth activities. Macey and Mack and I went to Maceys game and then came home and got ready for my photo session tonight. 

I took the kids to hang out with Brett and Emily and headed to Brentwood to do some senior portraits. It was fun because  I've known this kid since he was little and now he's all big and he has a fun car that we used and I got to chat with his awesome parents. So the day ended well. 

Dave and L&L still aren't home yet! I bet they had a great time. Tomorrow is Sunday. I teach the 14-18 year old Sunday school class and tomorrow the lesson is on love. Love thy neighbor as thyself. It should be a good one. 

And then just like that the weekend is over. Boo hoo. 

Blogging from my phone is easy. I need to do this more!


My view coming over bailey road tonight. Love these hills I live in. 

Ps I got to have lunch with a favorite friend this weekend. So, so good to catch up with her!

PSS tonight I watched 19 kids and counting. Had never really watched much if it before and wow. Just wow. I have a lot of questions and feelings regarding this. 

Ok bye. 

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Another School Year Begins.....

We had our traditional back to school feast (inspired by nie nie although I don't go as fancy as her).  It is a fun night where we eat some good food, talk about our theme and then do Father's blessings.  We had stroganauf this year, plus homemade rolls, corn on the cob, peaches and frozen hot chocolate for dessert.  We were stuffed.  We usually have the feast outside but it was cold that day.  The kids each got a journal and eraser.  They were excited.

Then the first day of school arrived.  This year we have 8th grade, 7th grade, 4th grade and preschool!  The kids were mostly happy to go back (ok only kindof).  They got great teachers and I'm sure it's going to be a great year!

Preschool didn't start till the following week but so far, so good.  Mack likes it I think and is starting to make some friends.  He loves the playground the most and wants to play everyday after school-- it's hard to pull him away!

His school doesn't allow backpacks and that's why he has this little white tote.

The bigs kids of course headed off to middle school on the first day and I hung around with Macey until the bell rang.

She was excited to see some of her friends!

The best part of the year though is cousins to walk with and see at school!  Between us, the Blodgett's and Danny and Christy we have 5 kids there and each grade represented!  Yeah!

Heading out of Pawnee!

It's always bitter sweet sending these kids off.  I hate not knowing all that goes on in their lives but I love watching them grow and learn and face challenges and overcome.  I love the people they're becoming.  Next year we have high school... praying this year goes slowly!!


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