Saturday, April 28, 2012

La Jolla Adventure

This last week Dave and I went on a small get-away to San Diego to celebrate tax season being over and to rebuild our marriage (only kind of kidding).  We had a nice time and it was good to get away (but not from Mack I missed him so much and it was way too long to leave my one year old).

When we first arrived, the hotel that I had chosen online was a total dump and the type of place you would wake up to see a homeless man sitting on your balcony.  Who cares if it was right on the water it was sick and nasty!  So we checked in, and five minutes later checked out.  Luckily we found a better spot easily (I'm sure because it was a Monday night).

Tuesday we took a very, very long morning walk after breakfast.  I may be a little weird but it was the one thing I wanted to do- go on a long walk along the coast.  It was beautiful and there was even a seal pup birthing spot.  We didn't see any seals being birthed but I could watch seals all day- bouncing in and out of the water, fighting, barking, and the babies being cute.

Moving on.  

We ate at some good spots, we went to the San Diego temple (I had never done a session there, just been to sealing.  It was gorgeous inside- wow!!), rented bikes and explored Coronado, got a couples massage (it was heavenly until the next day when my whole body was a limp noodle), went to a movie, sat on the beach (would have done that more but the weather wasn't totally beach worthy), and did some shopping (I finally got a blazer- something I've been looking for for awhile yay!)

We also sat in the hotel jacuzzi but there were floating bugs so I had to get out. 

Some things we did not do: 
*sleep in (we have reached that age I guess... I just couldn't sleep past 7:30!) 
*pork out (I was determined not to make this oinkfest 2012 and it wasn't... but not because I have amazing self control, it's because I was a little sick to my stomach the whole time)!
*bring my big camera.  For the first time since I got it I did not bring it on vacation.  I figured I didn't need a bunch of pictures of Dave and I, and I wanted to be free of bags or anything heavy- it was nice.

Now for a few photos.  This may be the choppiest blog post ever but I can't think straight most of the time these days so this is all you get.

loved walking on the coast

SD Temple!

Breakfast at the Coffee Cup (divine.  thanks Stacy W)

Dave was excited about the rental car we got

biking Coronado

Meeting Angela from The Office!!

Together alone for an extended period of time- very strange, we had to get used to it

adorable seals


Yes, we met Angela from The Office.  Dave and I NEVER meet celebs, and we're not really even into celebs so to see someone walking down the sidewalk in front of us from a tv show that we actually watch, was so fun.  I pointed it out and Dave was brave and said something.  She was very nice and told us she usually just blends in!  She is super tiny and mini-sized in real life.  Afterward Dave and I laughed our heads off at how "star struck" we were!??!  I was tongue tied basically the whole time and Dave said the stupidest stuff like "do you live here?" (at the hotel in Coronado lol!) and, "so where do you film the show?" LOL! Angela was like "um.. LA" and probably in her head "duh."  Also, after we met her Dave sent out the cheesiest tweet to her I almost died.

Now I need to write about some traveling issues I had that have discouraged me from going anywhere for awhile.  I love to travel, I love taking my family on trips and exploring new places.  However, in the last year or so I have become EXTREMELY motion sick.  It is awful!  Almost the entire time from the second the plane took off until it landed back in Oakland I was a little sick to my stomach.  Anytime we drove anywhere I got a headache and was nauseous.  It totally made me not want to do anything and it made me sad!  Is this my life from here on out?  Is it a symptom of age that is going to stop me from living life to the fullest?

On top of that and probably partly because of it, I wasn't able to eat as much as we wanted to.  I was excited to try some new places and lay in bed at night eating everything I try to hide from my kids.  But my belly was FULL the entire time and I hardly ate anything... I felt sick from eating the smallest amount and we even skipped a few meals because of it- how sad is that?  I'm just hoping it was related to the motion sickness thing and that I can fix both problems before I travel again.

Lastly I have come to realize that I may be a teeny bit of a wuss.  Sleeping outside of my own bed doesn't happen easily (I was up all the night the first night), my back hurts when I sit for too long (on the plane, in the rental car), and that massage I got?  Totally wiped me out the next day- I was a zombie walking around with no energy to lift a limb... I couldn't even try on clothes when we went shopping.  What is wrong with me?!

So, those are my problems and I need to figure them out before we travel again.  They didn't ruin the trip, we still had a great time, but they did put a damper on things for me and I just hope Dave isn't thinking "I married a huge baby."

Now to end with my highlights (the whole trip was a highlight but you know):
*the temple
*seeing "Salmon Fishing in Yemen" - I liked it
*playing a get to know you game with Dave one night which was so funny and good
*getting a Sprinkles cupcake (ok 4)
*looking into Dave's beautiful green eyes without any children interrupting us
*hearing from my sis (who watched our kids!!) that Mack was saying "mama mama" all night after we left
*breakfast at the Coffee Cup
*biking Coronado (I love biking!)

The End.
ps thank you Kaley!!  My sister leaves on her mission in a week and I'm so thankful she could bond with our kids for a few days and give us some much needed time off.  I'm going to miss her.


Ashley said...

I always love your posts Denae! It's so fun to get away without the kids--your run-in with Angela is pretty funny too! Your long walk sounds soooo nice. Basically the whole thing sounds so nice. Except being mildly sick the whole time. Did you take anything for it? Not being able to pork out is bad news!

brooke said...

I am jealous..what a fun trip! I can't believe Angela from the office is as petite as fun to meet her!

Ashley said...

That's so fun you guys planned a get away. I can relate to the traveling not being as glorious as we build it up to be, but for the motion sickness stuff I would think you could get one of those bands that you wear to help maybe? I fear I will never sit on a swing again because of motion sickness, and my poor kids never get spun around :-)

Nancy said...

Sounds so fun! I also have been getting major nausea when traveling lately, especially on an airplane. Dramamine kind of makes me out of it so I hate taking those but the last time, I did it anyway and it was way better. If you take the 24-hour kinds when you go to bed, you shouldn't have the issues nor the side effects.

Lauren in GA said...

It sounds like it was LOVELY! I loved reading all of the details.

I wish I knew some advice to be helpful. Nausea all the time and motion sickness sounds like it would throw a wet blanket over the fun.

Cheryl said...

next time you fly get some motion sick patches from your doctor. My husband gets motion sickness very easily and got some for our cruise and they were the magic pill!


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