Thursday, December 06, 2018

A Random Post After 4 Years

Does anyone really blog anymore?  There are a few blogs that I read every once in awhile but that's about it so I really know nothing about the blog world anymore... if there even is one?!

Today I've decided to post here after a few years off, in hopes that Blogger will see that I'm active and keep my blog around for just a little longer.  For some reason I keep thinking I'm going to lose it all before I've had a chance to print it out.  Today I ordered 3 blog books, and I'll probably have to order at least 6 more to be all caught up.  

I'm pretty much humiliated by 75% of the content here and that is what has kept me from printing it out.  However the other day Logan was sitting on the couch reading one of my two blog books (from 2005-2008 is all I have printed) and I realized that, as embarrassing as they may be, they are a record of our family life during those years and I should make sure they're preserved.  I guess.  The kids love them.  I'm super embarrassed by a lot of it.  But I was young and VERY open.  Oh well!!!

Here we are at the end of 2018.  Time sure does fly.  Lexi is in her senior year, Logan is a junior, Macey is in 8th grade, and Mack is in 2nd.  My kids like to be involved... too involved I think.  But it's also good so I'm constantly torn between hating the involvement in everything and realized it's good for them too.  Some of the things my kids are involved in are x-country, dance team, piano and guitar lessons, Madrigals, Lexi has a job at a local frozen yogurt shop, Basketball right now and swimming in the spring, sewing class, church responsibilities, assassin (maybe it's own post someday), and more.  Luckily Lexi and Logan both drive and have been pretty good at sharing the car so I am not running around that much anymore!  

Life is insanely busy but I really am aware of trying to enjoy every minute because I know these kids of mine will be gone so fast and I'll miss it all.  When I look back at motherhood I think the first 8 years crept by but since then, it has flown by! Next fall at this time, Lexi will be off at college.  And the fall after that, Logan will be.  Then I'll just have 2 kids at home.  I think I should probably get a job.  I don't want to work right now but I like to feel a sense of purpose so I might need to work.

We will see!

I thought I'd give more of an update but this is all I have time for.

Merry Christmas!


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