Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I've always hated the word "tidbits."

I am currently waiting for Dave to arrive home from the airport.

I want to go to bed but thought I would do a quick post while waiting.

I am growing out my eyebrows and they don't look so good. I have an appointment to get them reshaped and it can't come soon enough!

I was very disappointed in his Lordship. I respected the man and couldn't believe he lost control. We all make mistakes I guess.

The Downton Abbey season 2 finale was disappointing as well.

I feel like I spend my entire existence picking up my house. BUT, I HAVE to. If I didn't pick up for even just one day we would be buried under piles of clothes, shoes, backpacks and random kitchen items that Mack drags around the house.

I had forgotten how messy babies can be- he trashes every room in the house daily.

I also feel that I am in a perpetual wrestling match with him and he is winning. Am I weak or is he just incredibly strong? He is nearing "CC- strength" and that girl was a beast. I'm exhausted- did I already mention that?

All I've eaten all day is homemade whole wheat bread and Samoa's.

Hoping to get some healthy in tomorrow.

I signed up for a 10k and I don't know if I can do it. I run 2.5 miles and can't make my legs go one more minute. I truly can't.

I don't think women of child-bearing years should run- it's just too much to ask of your body you know?

Macey used her hard earned cash to buy fake nails. Without thinking I let her put them on and then realized she was going to school the next day! I got an email from her teacher with the subject "Macey's nails" and I was nervous. Luckily she thought they were hilarious. And they are. A seven year old with fake nails? Oh and they keep falling off everywhere! I found one on my shoe. Mace found one stuck on her dress at dinner. I just hope Mack doesn't eat one. And I hope they all fall off soon.

I want to start wearing lipstick but can't find a good shade. I also plan to start wearing less eye makeup. So if you see me out and about and think I just rolled out of bed I'm sorry.

Lexi knows all 50 states and their capitals and I don't- it's weird for me but cool for her.

Tax season is brutal this year. Dave is travelling every other week and the kids and I are barely hanging on (actually the kids are fine- it's me who barely hanging on).

I'm so inspired by KONY 2012... might do a whole post on it when I have time.

And that's all I've got.

Good night.


Lauren in GA said...

Who is his Lordship?

I can the house be trashed the way it is EVERY DAY. John is only two foot two at the most and he is a WRECKING MACHINE.

I saw a commercial for a new comedy on TV...I think it is called Up All has Christina Applegate... the commercial the Mom is trying to change her baby and the baby is screaming and the mom says, "How can she be stronger than me?! Baby...stop crying...we are trying to help you...stop fighting." I laughed so, so, so, hard when I read that. It is just so true.

Macey's nails are hilarious. I would have been worried if I had seen that subject line, too. So funny!

Cheryl said...

Do some research into KONY 2012...there is pretty good evidence that the charity isn't everything they claim. I was taken by the video as well, but after doing some more reading/research I have found out they may not be very honest with their finances.

Ashley said...

I must know if by season finale you mean the Christmas special or not. One of my friends didn't realize there was a Christmas special and was also left disappointed. Have you seen the Christmas special!?!?

But yes, His Lordship disappointed.

Babies make the BIGGEST MESSES. I keep waiting for Bennett to stop but it's still happening. I am hoping it gets better by two.

Your somoas and bread sound soooo gooood.

Lesley said...

I LOVE D-DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!! You crack me right up! I love you! I can totally relate with you on the following:

A. ALWAYS picking up the house. I feel like a maid most days.

B. Having Samoa's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. hmmmm wonder why I can't shed my last 8 lbs!

C. Running longer than 2.5 miles. I die after that too.

D. I am also KONY inspired. Watched the video last night. Told Jared I will be purchasing an action kit immediately! :) I will have a bracelet!

E. I love Macey's fake nails! That is a great story!

F. I hope tax season starts going by faster for you so you can have your husband back.

G. I hope you are planning a fun trip when it is all over! :)

H. You are great!

D-dawg said...

Les- LOL! You're so cute.

Ashley- YES I did mean the Christmas special. I was glad things got resolved but I waited two seasons for those two to get together and then they give us two minutes of happiness and the show ends! I just wanted to see some smiles/love for a few minutes of the show. But hopefully they'll do a season 3!!!

brooke said...

I'm so glad Audrey isn't the only 7 yr. old to go to school with fake nail. She was OBSSESED with buying some and after we put them on I realized they weren't easy at all to take off. So off to school she went. I was so worried her teacher would hate me. Talk about a distraction. Anyway, I'm with you on His Lordship. I guess he couldn't taken it further, but glad he didn't. And yes, the finale was disappointing to give us one kiss and a smile, then that's it- all resolved?! I don't think so. I need more.


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