Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beware...... feet pictures.

Some people do not like to see pictures of feet.
So, if you are one of those people, do not read any further.

Today is thank you Thursday so I have to start by thanking my friend Celia for helping me to realize that I should go with her and Brigitta to get a pedicure yesterday. I had been needing and wanting one for awhile but felt, when it came right down to it, I wasn't going to go for a few reasons. But I'm glad I went and got a pedicure. It was fun and felt good and now my feet are cute. Well, as cute as feet can be. I should also thank the pedicure lady. The massage she gave my feet felt heavenly!

I love before and after pictures. So here are some of my feet before and after the pedicure.



Ok, I'm ovbiously kidding with that before picture. I just couldn't resist trying to trick you guys again!

Now all of this feet talk brings me to another subject that greatly concerns me from time to time. I have a toe that is growing completely sideways! It is my pinky toe and it does not face forward the way it should.
It faces completely to the side and I am not sure what to do about it.

See it there? This is a side shot of my foot and yet my pinky toe is facing straight at the camera!

This is how it should look:

And yet it looks like this. Hmmmm. Disturbing.

Another problem that I have is on my right foot... my 2nd toe is so long and curved that you can't see the french paint job on that one toe!!! It bothers me.

It should look like this (see below), I guess.
But it is just so rounded at the top it would look strange if it was straight up!

Oh well, I guess I should just be thankful my feet don't look like this, right?

Do you want to make me feel better about my weird toes? If so, please tell me about your toe and feet problems.



summer thacker said...

Dang it! I wish I could email you some pictures right now of the wierd feet in our family. I have kind of a web toe on one of my feet. And then both my girls have one toe that pops up above the rest! It stinks because I have to buy them special shoes to help form their feet. Usually the Stride Rite Extra Wide! And then I have to use a special tape and tape two of the toes together! I guess I need to be grateful that we all don't have feet like the first and last pics... particularly the last one! That is NASTY!!! I do think that most people have at least one wierd thing with their toes! Great blog D-dawg!

Mindy said...

Feet are a big issue with me. When I was younger, teeth and feet were something I would notice about other people. I always wanted to marry a man with good teeth and good feet. Well, you obviously know about Jakob's teeth. And his feet? Woe, baby! There was obviously no predetermined template in his make-up for how those things were supposed to grow in. Curved feet, curved, finger shaped toes. I am constantly examining my boys’ feet to see if they resemble their dads. And their second toe is definitely starting to resemble a rainbow. Drats!

I think your little pinky toe looks cute. It's like it's shy, so it's just taking a little peek. Plus, your feet look good from all angles! Your pedicure is beautiful

Michiko said...

Nice pedicure! Don't worry, I have a weird pinky toe too - it looks like a turtle. I'm not kidding! And there is hardly any nail on there at all. When I try to paint it, I'm really just painting skin where my nail would be . . . And my big toe! I wouldn't call myself a "big girl", but if you were going off the size of my big toe, you would think I was 500 lbs! My big toe is way chubby. Ok, and my last thing with feet is this weird thing I can do. I had no idea this wasn't normal until Jeremy saw it and freaked out. My toes have an extra knuckle or something. I can bend my toes underneath my foot (like on a hand, if you're trying to make a fist) and I can walk like that, like on tippy-toes, but in the opposite direction. Does that make sense?
So, do I win the weirdest feet contest, or what!

Julie P said...

This post was SO funny, Denae!

That last picture was the nastiest thing ever!!! Aren't feet weird? My pinkie toe hardly has a toenail at all, I've got some nasty scars down there and once I really, really wished I had foot fungus so I could get the medicine just because the girl on the foot fungus commercial had the best feet ever and I hoped that taking the medicine would make my feet pretty like hers.

Lesley said...

So funny Denae! That last picture is so disgusting! I cannot handle that! EWWWWWW!!!! Can you imagine? You totally got me on that first picture. I was thinking, I wonder what happened, I wonder why she has all this duck tape around her toes. I am a sucker. Anyway, your pedicure is beautiful! I love it! I love getting those and I need one too!!! As far as feet goes in my family, Jared's 2nd toe is SO much longer than the rest of his toes, it is so wierd and I have a little webbing between my 3rd and 4th toes! EWWWWW! I hate that! That runs in my family. Anyway, I love your blog! and don't worry about your toes, they're cute and at least they are not webbed (like mine) or like that last picture!

Denae said...

Ok you guys thanks for making me feel better... feet are just weird, no matter what. Michiko I had to laugh at your giant big toe! And now I want to see pictures of all of your feet..... but that's weird, to want to see that.

And Mindy I am so sorry that both the teeth and feet you cared about did not come with Jakob... at least he has so many other good things to make up for it!

I can only imagine that our feet are all going to get worse as they get older and I am scared... what if my turned pinky toe turns all the way backward??

The Moody Blogger said...

Denae, your posts are so entertaining! I totally fell for the first picture. I was like, "She must have taken that picture at the beach. But wow, how did she break her toes? Looks like someone from Survivor..." However, your pedicure looks so good and I hope you have great shoes to show it off. I'll spare you from my feet woes. I'd trade anyone for their feet (except for the last picture ofcourse).

janlee said...

oh my gosh....both those feet pictures totally startled me and grossed me out!!! your pedicure is so cute! EVERYONE has quirky feet. i basically use my heels for sandpaper b/c they are so rough and dry. and i know a certain someone that has webbed toes. 2 of their toes and completely joined together by skin.

The Blodgett Buzz said...

Denae- I laughed so hard while reading your post today. I have often thought about feet and how I do not like them. (although I have found that Devin has nice feet). Maybe other people have found their spouse's feet to be nice. I don't like mine though because after I ran the marathon my feet were never the same. I lost ALL of my little toe nails! The pinky toes never grew in normal. They are thicker than they were before. Isn't that just gross! Anyway, do not feel bad about your feet...everyone has problems with theirs. -Kim

tAnYeTTa said...

My son said: what happen mommy? what happen to his feet? LOL

note to self: don't allow your toddler to sit on your lap while you try to blog/comment. haha...he will keep repeating the same question with a sincerely concerned look on his face. LOL

oh about my feet, Yuck.

corns and hammer time all up and through here. sad but, true.

your feet look perfect to me. :)

Cheryl said...

We're allowed to have weird feet. :) Your pedicure looks awesome. I'm thinking I need to get one. I love the French style!

angie said...

Ha Ha! Denae! this was a funny post! Your feet look great with your pedicure and when it comes to feet and some other things in life, just don't look so close!

Rochelleht said...

That makes me laugh out loud!

If it's any consolation, I have a pinky nail that grows sideways. But not an actual appendage, so I'm not THAT weird. j/k!


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